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noam feinholtz on stage

Noam Feinholtz, PhD
Storytelling & Presentation Skills

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Corporate storyteller, presentation skills and pitch trainer for entrepreneurs and executives.

Noam has helped more than 200 start-ups and organizations from various industries to tell their story better.

Works with CEOs, product managers, marketing teams and private lecturers, focusing on business storytelling (and storyselling), pitching and recruiting investors and strategic partners, and effective public performance.

Worked for 13 years in Galei Zahal radio station as a reporter and presenter.

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What's your story? Effective storytelling

What is the connection between a great presentation and juggling?  What can you learn from Yonit Levi and other TV anchormen? How would Quentin Tarantino pitch your business ideas? What is the true meaning of effective communication in a business organization?

Why is it wrong to start with 5 different questions?

Pitching your project or delivering accurate management messages takes practice and skills. Analyzing the audience, defining your communication goals, sharpening the story, finding the best opening sentence and closing in a way your audience won't forget you – all this requires a combination of effective rhetoric and performance.

Getting the message across is not an easy task. This session will try to make it a little easier. Just a little.



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